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An Evening With John Parrott & Dennis Taylor

On 5th February 2022, Stourbridge Institute Social Club hosted an evening with two former Snooker World Champions, John Parrot and Dennis Taylor.


Saturday evening in February saw two former world champions, Dennis Taylor and John Parrott, visit the club to entertain members and friends of the club with a show of snooker and some entertaining anecdotes. A number of the club members who had achieved notable milestone during the year were pitted against John and Dennis. 

The first frame was between John Parrott and Steve Ballinger. Steve achieved the highest break in the the 2nd division with 40 point and also the most wins being undefeated in 26 matches. He was up against a former formidable opponent in John and while starting off well, John’s many years of experience shone through taking him to a win with 86 points to Steve’s 22 points. 

The second frame had John Parrott and Dennis Taylor against Luke and Matt Whale. Luke is a league double winner with his father but as he was unable to attend his brother, Matt who won the 1st division individual singles final. The frame started with both pairs neck and neck on points but again the experience of John and Dennis took the win in favour of the former World Campions with 54 points to 43 point for Luke and Matt.

Frame three saw Dennis Taylor matched against Adam Kensett who had the highest break in the 1st division with a total of 65 points. Again while Adam gave it his all, the experience of the former world champion was to much for Adam and Dennis won the frame with 58 points against Adams 29 points.

Frame four saw the former World Champions  being paired up with different partners, John with Jamie Schuck who had the most wins in the 1st division with 24 out of 26 possible games. Dennis was paired with Andy Smith who was Premier division individual champion  and joint winner of the Premier  league averages. On paper, this was a difficult result to call but John and Jamie had a convincing score of 82 points winning against Dennis and Adams score of 23 points.

Frame five saw our visitors for the evening, John and Dennis, playing against each other and this turned out to be an even match but John’s competitive nature pulled through and he took the game by 54 points to Dennis getting 44 points. 

The final frame of the evening saw John Parrott being paired with Justin Donoghue and Dennis Taylor being paired with Eliot Bastable. Eliot and Justin were players in the winning Baggeridge team with Justin sharing joint top of the averages while Eliot recorded the highest break in competition of 116 points. In this frame, it was Dennis and Eliot who took top honours accruing 63 points to John and Justin achieving only 51 points.

With the six frames completed, Dennis Taylor demonstrated some trick shots on the snooker table while both John and Dennis entertained us with stories from their past. 

The evening was a brilliant show of snooker between the two former World Champions and some very good Stourbridge Institute members. It demonstrated that John Taylor and Dennis Taylor are still very good players even though they have not played professionally since 2010 and 2000 respectively. 

Thank you to all who attended this excellent evening with these two former World Champions but special thanks must also go to John Parrott and Dennis Taylor, the referee, Stuart Barker, who had the difficult job of keeping John and Dennis under control. Thanks also to Carl Southwick and Mark Sheehan for organising the evening.

It is good the see that Dennis Taylor continues to take things seriously when playing snooker.

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