Stourbridge Institute Social Club (SISC) where members can relax while drinking coffee or having a bite to eat in the bar or a meal in the restaurant. Members can take part in the various activities available in the club such as Badminton, Bridge, Chess, Table Tennis and Snooker as well as many other learning and sporting opportunities. 

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22nd December 2021

New Membership Cards For 2022

Points will be replacing vouchers & new membership card details

New Membership Card

The Club have invested in a new till system that will be going live on 4th January 2022.

All members renewing their 2022 subscriptions will be given a new credit card style membership card. The new till will be able to recognise the member when the card is swiped on the till. 

This will allow the club over time to introduce all different types of member bonuses, discounts etc. 

Members will be able to top up their membership card with cash which they can use at any time in the club, thus saving members from having to carry cash or to constantly use normal credit/debit cards to pay when at the club (providing you are in credit with the card). 

Instead of issuing vouchers, from now on the club will put the equivalent amount straight on to the membership card by means of points (each point is worth 100pence) like vouchers, the points must be used by the 30th November from the date of issue before they are removed from the membership card.  Points are different and will be recorded separately to any money a member may wish to put or have on their cards. 

From 2022, when you purchase from the bar the staff will swipe your card and you will have the choice to top up your card with money, pay with existing money that is on the card, pay with your points or pay by cash or credit/debit card. You can even do a mixture of all the above.  

You will be able to pay your membership via the till and once received in the office, we will  process your new membership card and leave it with new car park stickers (For members who take up the car park element of membership) in an envelope for collection from behind the bar when you next attend.

Carl Southwick

18th December 2021

Sammy Taypot visits Stourbridge Institute

Today saw Sammy Taypot’s visit to Stourbridge Institute for the Christmas party for the members children and grandchildren. Sammy entertained the children with lots of magic tricks and dancing games and the children of all ages enjoyed him being there. 

The children were very excited by the arrival of Father Christmas who bought each child a gift.

Thank you to Anita and all her helpers for organising a fantastic party for the enjoyment of those who came along.

A great time was had by all. 

13th December 2021

2022 Stourbridge Institute Membership Fees.

Please find the details of membership fees for 2022 here.


26th November 2021




Friday 28th January 2022
7:30 for 8.00pm start

Tickets = £8.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

26th November 2021



Not one but Two Former World Champions




For the 2019-2020 league presentation & club exhibition on

Saturday 5th February 2022   7:00pm start

Tickets = £35.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

Founded in 1834, we are one of the oldest private members clubs in the area. Re-inventing ourselves several times over the years, we are now an “Activities” based Social Club, often described as Stourbridge’s hidden gem.

Perusing this website will give you a clear idea of what goes on here and what we have to offer.

In addition, we have various rooms for hire at most competitive rates. A well appointed function room with a stage and a private bar, ideal for various functions, from Christening parties at one end of the scale, to Wakes at the other end, and pretty well everything in between.

We also currently host Weight Watchers, Tai Chi, Chi Baton and meetings in the function room our many other meeting rooms.

On the first floor are our Library and Falcon rooms, available for private hire. The Library is suited for larger meetings, such as the Speakers Club, who currently meet bi-weekly while the latter, being smaller and more intimate, is more suitable for smaller gatherings, for example out of office business meetings, or training sessions.

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