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16th May 2022




A Queens Platinum Jubilee
Celebration Featuring

‘Just Us’

A fun night
‘Bringing you the songs time won’t forget’


Saturday 4th June 2022 
8.00pm start

Tickets = £3.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

4th April 2022

2022 Bank Holiday Opening Times

The times when the Stourbridge Institute is open during the upcoming Bank Holidays can be found on the Opening Times page or click here.

4th April 2022

An Evening With John Parrott & Dennis Taylor

On 5th February 2022, Stourbridge Institute Social Club hosted an evening with two former Snooker World Champions, John Parrot and Dennis Taylor.

To see some images from the evening and how some fortunate Stourbridge snooker players got on playing against and with John and Dennis, follow the link here.

31st March 2022



‘Just Us’

A fun night
‘Bringing you the songs time won’t forget’


Saturday 30th April 2022 
8.00pm start

Tickets = £3.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

An Evening With John Parrott & Dennis Taylor

On 5th February 2022, Stourbridge Institute Social Club hosted an evening with two former Snooker World Champions, John Parrot and Dennis Taylor.

To see some images from the evening and how some fortunate Stourbridge snooker players got on playing against and with John and Dennis, follow the link here.

21st February 2022

2022 Membership Fees are due for renewal.

A reminder that the membership fees for 2022 are due for renewal by the 28th February.
The fees can be paid in a number of ways which can be found on the membership page

21st February 2022

Out of the


New Years Eve 2022

Early notice for the tribute band to the Shadows on New Years Eve.
Save the date of the 31st December 2022 at the Stourbridge Institute.

More information closer to the date.

18th February 2022

New Membership Cards Are Now Available For Collection.

The new membership cards and car park stickers are now available for collection for all members who have paid their 2022 subscriptions . They will be available from the office on Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm.
When the office is closed, they can be collect from behind the bar.

21st December 2021

New Membership Cards For 2022

Points will be replacing vouchers & new membership card details

New Membership Card

The Club have invested in a new till system that will be going live on 4th January 2022.

All members renewing their 2022 subscriptions will be given a new credit card style membership card. The new till will be able to recognise the member when the card is swiped on the till. 

This will allow the club over time to introduce all different types of member bonuses, discounts etc. 

Members will be able to top up their membership card with cash which they can use at any time in the club, thus saving members from having to carry cash or to constantly use normal credit/debit cards to pay when at the club (providing you are in credit with the card). 

Instead of issuing vouchers, from now on the club will put the equivalent amount straight on to the membership card by means of points (each point is worth 100pence) like vouchers, the points must be used by the 30th November from the date of issue before they are removed from the membership card.  Points are different and will be recorded separately to any money a member may wish to put or have on their cards. 

From 2022, when you purchase from the bar the staff will swipe your card and you will have the choice to top up your card with money, pay with existing money that is on the card, pay with your points or pay by cash or credit/debit card. You can even do a mixture of all the above.  

You will be able to pay your membership via the till and once received in the office, we will  process your new membership card and leave it with new car park stickers (For members who take up the car park element of membership) in an envelope for collection from behind the bar when you next attend.

Carl Southwick

18th December 2021

Sammy Taypot visits Stourbridge Institute

Today saw Sammy Taypot’s visit to Stourbridge Institute for the Christmas party for the members children and grandchildren. Sammy entertained the children with lots of magic tricks and dancing games and the children of all ages enjoyed him being there. 

The children were very excited by the arrival of Father Christmas who bought each child a gift.

Thank you to Anita and all her helpers for organising a fantastic party for the enjoyment of those who came along.

A great time was had by all. 

13th December 2021

2022 Stourbridge Institute Membership Fees.

Please find the details of membership fees for 2022 here.

13th December 2021


Please find the opening times for the Stourbridge Institute Social Club on the ‘Opening Times’ page or by clicking here to take you directly to the page.


28th November 2021

Ron Baker, one of the Clubs longest standing members, has stood down from his role on the Committee this year due to ill health.

Ron has been a member of the club for 61 years joining in 1960, he has served 36 of years on the Committee, 24 of them as Treasurer of the Club.

The Committee sent him a photographic card with pictures of the Club, and signed by Staff and Members thanking him for all he has done for the Club, and wishing him all the best for the future.

Jerry Roper (Chairman)

26th November 2021




Saturday 11th December 2021 
8.00pm start

Tickets = £2.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

26th November 2021




Friday 28th January 2022
7:30 for 8.00pm start

Tickets = £8.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

26th November 2021



Not one but Two Former World Champions




For the 2019-2020 league presentation & club exhibition on

Saturday 5th February 2022   7:00pm start

Tickets = £35.00 each.

(Contact Bar for details & tickets)

3rd November 2021






22nd October 2021

Quiz Night in Memory Of Kate Parkes

30th October 2021

Coming up in just 8 days time.
Get your teams of between 4 – 6 people for the quiz 

14th October 2021




Saturday 18th December 2021
1:30pm  –  4.00pm
Tickets £3.50 Each
Now Available From The Bar
(Includes Food and a Present for the Children)

11th October 2021

Stourbridge Institute AGM – Wednesday 13th October 2021

A reminder that the Stourbridge Institute Annual General Meeting will take place this Wednesday 13th October 2021 from 7:30pm.

10th September 2021

Bingo is back – starting from Tuesday 12th October 2021


Bingo will be recommencing on Tuesday 12th October 2021 in the Lounge at the Stourbridge Institute.

It will take place every Tuesday from 7pm to 10pm.

For more information, go to the ‘Other Activities‘ page.

Spanish lessons are starting up – Monday 27th September 2021


Spanish lessons will be recommencing at the Stourbridge Institute on the Monday 27th September in the evening with both beginner and intermediate classes running.

For more information, go to the ‘Other Activities‘ page.

20th August 2021

Celebrating the Life of Kevin Franklin – Saturday 2nd October 2021

As those of you who knew Kevin Franklin, he was a big part of the Stourbridge Institute as a life member and also a snooker legend of both club and league.

There will be a celebration of Kevin’s life which will take place on Saturday 2nd October 2021 in the Function Room at Stourbridge Institute between 3pm and 11pm.

As the Covid restrictions have now been relaxed, it would be nice to see family and friends from the club and league at the Institute to have a glass of beer with Ruth and her family to celebrate the life of her husband, Kevin, who was so cruelly taken away from us earlier this year.

Thank you.

19th July 2021

Notice to Members:- Updated Opening Times

The Government’s announcement to move to step 4 of their roadmap is hugely welcome news for all of us.

The Committee has agreed that we will be increasing the club opening hours and reducing the restrictions in line with Government guidance. The Committee asks that all members follow the current Government guidelines and play their part by exercising common sense and considering the risks in order to protect themselves and others around them.

The new times can be found by selecting here and on the ‘Opening Times‘ page.

Regards Jerry Roper
On behalf of the SISC Committee

15th July 2021

Notice to Members.

Apologies for the short notice but unfortunately, due to staff shortages, we are not going to be able to provide any food in the Restaurant or Bar until Monday 19th July.

We will resume the Bar Only menu from Monday 19th until Wednesday 21st and then resume normal Restaurant and Bar Menu services from Thursday 22nd.

This is a precautionary measure under the Government Covid guidelines that we have to follow with some staff having to self isolate until that date due to them being in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday 11th July.

Note:-     Due to this issue, we are also extending the period for spending last year’s vouchers by another week until Sunday 25th July.

12th May 2021

SISC Update for Club Members 12th May 2021

Dear Members

We can not wait to welcome you all back from the 17th May.

We have been busy behind the scenes installing a brand new air and heat exchange system in the club as well as decorating the lobby area outside the secretary’s office where the snooker cues are kept.  

To begin with, we will have a staggered re-opening of events and will be making use of three areas (lounge, dining room and function room) to ensure you can eat, drink and meet in a safe environment, We will be having additional staff on, in the short term to help with the waiter service in all areas of the club.

Opening times can be found on the respective page (opening times). 

All vouchers and car park stickers are ready for you collect from the club office from Monday 17th May, someone will be manning the office during all the club opening hours until the majority of envelopes have been collected and we are in a position to put any unclaimed envelopes behind the bar.  If you can bring you membership cards when you collect your envelope we can sign them as paid for 2021. We have had new car park stickers which are similar in size to the old tax discs and we would ask all members to put them on your front windscreen.  

Once again we are really looking forward to seeing you all back at the club.

Regards Jerry Roper
On behalf of the SISC Committee

10th April 2021

SISC Update for Club Members 10th April 2021

Anticipated date for Re-opening the Club, including Bar/Restaurant, and Activities.

Currently it is looking very promising for us to be able to re-open the Premises from the 17th May if the current Government road map stays in place.

Membership renewals: I am pleased to say that these have been going well, with over 80% of members renewing their subscriptions so far this year, with many people expressing how much they are looking forward to the club re-opening again. We also anticipate a good number of additional members joining after we re-open the premises.

We have continued to carry out some improvements to the premises, adding new ventilation systems to the Snooker Hall and Mixed Lounge to improve air circulation in line with current Government recommendations, and further decoration work has been carried out to both of the entrance doors, and also corridor at the back of the Snooker Hall.

Finances: We have continued to claim the Government Grants and Furlough payments we are entitled to; this has kept the club currently in a sound financial position for the coming year.

We are also working on a Financial forecast looking forward for the year, and will continue to monitor the club’s finances closely over the coming months.

We look forward to welcoming Members back into the Club and seeing the Premises Open and being used again.

Regards Jerry Roper
On behalf of the SISC Committee

25th February 2021

Due to COVID restrictions, the number of attendees at Kev’s funeral is limited to only 14 persons inside the crematorium and 16 persons outside – social distanced.

Therefore regrettably attendance at the crematorium is INVITATION ONLY.

The service will take place mid March and the exact date and time will be announced nearer the date.

The service will be streamed live on the internet for those not fortunate to be able to attend in person.

Please monitor via this link for log in information and further updates.

4th February 2021

It Is with Great Sadness That We Have To Inform Our Members That The Club Snooker Legend, Kevin Franklin Has Peacefully Passed Away In His Sleep This Morning. It Is Not Known Why.

Understandably The Family Are Still In A State Of Shock

RIP Kev Franklin

8th January 2021

As you will all know, with Dudley being placed in Tier 4 from 31st December and the latest Lock down put in place by the government we remain unable to open the club indoor facilities for use by members at the present time.

The Committee and Staff remain committed to keeping the much-valued car park facility open for use by members who have paid for this facility, and we all look forward to the time when we will be able to re-open the Club premises and welcome members back inside in the not-too-distant future.

As detailed in my previous updates and the EGM Webinar held in November, the Club remains in a healthy position financially, and the latest continued financial support from the government should enable us to remain in this position for some time to come.

Vouchers From Last Year.

To confirm our previous notice, the Committee have agreed that we will be extending the period that Members will be able to spend any of 2020 vouchers they have left until Four weeks after the date we are allowed to re-open the club premises again in 2021.

Repayment of Subs For 2020 Periods Of Closure Of Club Premises.

With regards to the periods that the club was forced to close the premises due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, we will be giving a £25 worth of vouchers for repayment of subs to all Members who paid full membership fees for 2020.

Further repayment of subs will also be given to all members who renew for 2021 for any periods of closure due to the Pandemic in this current year, this will again be dependent on how long we are forced to close the premises. 

Membership Renewals 2021.

We have had a lot of enquiries from members about renewals for 2021, please see next notice below for further details about this.

Regards Jerry Roper Chairman   On behalf of SISC Committee