Can I Please Remind Members That The 2024 Membership Must Be Paid By
Thursday 29th February 

Club Update for all Members 30th November 2023

Membership Renewals 2024:


This coming year the Institute Social Club is again having to manage inflationary increases in its running costs.

These include another 10% increase on the statutory minimum wage. Overhead costs food and drink supplies have risen again typically between 10% and 20%, and heating and lighting cost increases have also continued to increase significantly.

To help minimise the impact of these rising costs, the committee have worked hard this summer on improving insulation and installing secondary glazing to make the club warmer during winter months, we have also rationalised equipment used for heating and lighting, and chilling and refrigeration, minimising club spend as much as possible.

With all of this in mind however, in view of the size of the increased operating costs that the club is facing for the coming year, we have had to increase membership fees for 2024 as detailed below.

Note these fees also include increased Credit added to your membership cards that can be spent when you to come in and use the club.

Annual Membership Door Only Access (Includes £10 credit on your members card)

    £120 Full Year.

Annual Membership Door + Car Park Access (Includes £35 credit on your member card)

£385 Full Year.

The new style till membership cards will be available for all nominated members from 1st January at a cost of £3 each. Any lost cards that will need replacing will also come at a charge of £3 to replace them.  

This and the club entry key will be covered by the £15 joining fee applicable to all members joining after 1st January 2024. 

The Committee hope you will continue to support us with this, and carry on enjoying using the club and its facilities in the year ahead.

Regards Jerry Roper (Chairman Stourbridge Institute Social Club)


Membership of Stourbridge Institute can be obtained by downloading the membership form below. Having completed the form with your details, two sponsors must also sign the form. The sponsors must be full members of Stourbridge Institute.
Where potential members are unable to find sponsorship, it is still possible to obtain membership as detailed on the form.
The completed form must then be handed to the Secretary who can be contacted on 01384 373221.

Membership Renewals 2023.

We have set up a number of ways to enable people to pay and renew their club membership fees which are due from the beginning of the year. 

Full Member Door Access only :-  £120
(includes £10 worth of points redeemable at the bar via your credit card type membership card)

Full Member Door + Car Park Access :-  £385 (includes £35 worth of points redeemable at the bar via your credit card type membership card)

Junior Member :-  £20

On receipt of fee payments, Members Access will be updated electronically on the club’s PAC system, and the new credit card style membership cards (which will include the points to spend in the club) and car park stickers  will be placed in envelopes for collection by members from bar or office.

Misuse Of Membership Car Park Keys

As a member of the Stourbridge Institute Social Club who has taken up the option of having access to the car park, it is a misuse of their car park key to let non-car park members onto the SISC car park.

This practice is unfair to paying members and therefore must not happen.

Any car park member found to be doing this could have their own rights to car park access either suspended or even stopped.

SISC Committee

Payment Methods For 2024 :-

Method 1.

Paying by Direct Debit is no longer available for 2024 fees as the Direct Debit Mandate had to be implemented by Friday 19th January for 2024.
This will be available when renewing fees or paying fees for 2025 where the options for payments can be monthly (over ten months), quarterly or yearly.

Direct Debit :- Renewal of an existing payment, or completion of the form, which can be requested from the Club Secretary on Monday to Friday between 9:30am – 12:30pm or downloaded below. The options for payment can be monthly, quarterly or the full amount. (The Direct Debit Mandate needs to be implemented by Friday 19th January 2024).

Method 2.

Payments can be made by bank transfer with details being obtained by calling the Club Secretary on Monday to Friday between 9:30am – 12:30pm. Also an email can be sent requesting the details and providing your name, membership number and also your address and phone number if possible.

Method 3.

Send a Cheque by post to: Stourbridge Institute Social Club, 12 Market St, Stourbridge DY8 1AD.
Again, please include name and membership numbers as a minimum, but also address and phone number if possible, in case we have any queries.

Method 4.

Pay by cheque or cash, sealed in an envelope, and dropped off at club on Monday to Friday between 9:30am – 12:30pm.

Method 5.

Pay by Card, Cheque or Cash, in the Club Office  Monday – Friday 9:30am – 12:30pm or at the Bar during opening times. 


Car Park stickers and loyalty cards will be put in envelopes behind bar for collection by members within 1 week of payment.