Stourbridge Institute Social Club (SISC) where members can relax while drinking coffee or having a bite to eat in the bar or a meal in the restaurant. Members can take part in the various activities available in the club such as Badminton, Bridge, Chess, Table Tennis and Snooker as well as many other learning and sporting opportunities. 

News And Upcoming Events 

Friday 13th July
With regards to the 
from Friday night’s
Casey’s Crystallettes Motown Show.

The results were drawn at the Committee meeting 15th July.

1st Draw £15 – box 50
Ticket no. 32
Stewart Turnbull

2nd Draw £10 – box 6
Ticket no. 61
The Casey group

3rd Draw £5 – box 44
Ticket no. 2
Kath & Jo group

Please take your ticket and collect your winnings from the Club Office.

Thank you.
David Hunt,
Head of Entertainments.

6th July 2024

6th July 2024

Coming On Friday 19th July To The Stourbridge Institute Social Club

16th June 2024

Coming In September To The Stourbridge Institute Social Club

Tickets will be available from the bar in early July.

Sorry but tickets for this event have now been sold out!!!

Stourbridge Institute Social Club

Congratulations to Graham, Hannah and the team for the hard work to achieve a 4 out of 5 for the Food Hygiene Rating at the recent inspection at the Stourbridge Institute Social Club.

Graham is now looking to improve the rating so we look forward to that.

Stourbridge Institute – Membership Card

You will need to use your Till Membership Card
in order to receive Member discounts.

  • In order to enjoy member discounts, as from 8th January 2024, you will need to produce your white membership card at the till when ordering anything. 
  • The club has purchased an additional 500 cards so that nominated members can also take advantage of member discounts.  These can be obtained from the office at a cost of £3 each, if you cannot make it during office hours, you can leave your request behind the bar and the office will process it and notify you when your card is ready for collection.  
  • There will be a £3 surcharge for any lost or replacement cards. 
  • A reminder that you can top up your membership card with cash which you can use at any time in the club, thus saving you from having to carry cash or to constantly use normal credit/debit cards to pay when at the club (providing you are in credit with the card). 
  • Instead of issuing vouchers, the club now puts the equivalent value straight on to your membership card by means of points. Like Vouchers the points must be used by the 30th November from the date of issue before they are removed from the membership card.  Points are different and will be recorded separately to any money a member may wish to put or have on their cards. 
  • A number of members have never collected their cards and following renewal of your subscriptions, these can still be collected from the office or bar when the office is closed. 
  • Once fully operational the committee will introduce other ways to reward members by introducing various promotions. 

Carl Southwick
Secretary 20/12/2023

Club Update for all Members 30th November 2023

Membership Renewals 2024:


This coming year the Institute Social Club is again having to manage inflationary increases in its running costs.

These include another 10% increase on the statutory minimum wage. Overhead costs food and drink supplies have risen again typically between 10% and 20%, and heating and lighting cost increases have also continued to increase significantly.

To help minimise the impact of these rising costs, the committee have worked hard this summer on improving insulation and installing secondary glazing to make the club warmer during winter months, we have also rationalised equipment used for heating and lighting, and chilling and refrigeration, minimising club spend as much as possible.

With all of this in mind however, in view of the size of the increased operating costs that the club is facing for the coming year, we have had to increase membership fees for 2024 as detailed below.

Note these fees also include increased Credit added to your membership cards that can be spent when you to come in and use the club.

Annual Membership Door Only Access (Includes £10 credit on your members card)

    £120 Full Year.

Annual Membership Door + Car Park Access (Includes £35 credit on your member card)

£385 Full Year.

The new style till membership cards will be available for all nominated members from 1st January at a cost of £3 each. Any lost cards that will need replacing will also come at a charge of £3 to replace them.  

This and the club entry key will be covered by the £15 joining fee applicable to all members joining after 1st January 2024. 

The Committee hope you will continue to support us with this, and carry on enjoying using the club and its facilities in the year ahead.

Regards Jerry Roper (Chairman Stourbridge Institute Social Club)

18th November 2023

Hosted By Stourbridge Institute Social Club The Kingswinford & Stourbridge Lions Club Quiz & Bingo Night

It was a ‘full house’ which contributed to a great atmosphere for the Quiz and Bingo evening organised by the Kingswinford & Stourbridge Lions Club on Saturday 11th November. With Rod Owen calling the numbers for Bingo, Steve Rice on box office duty and David Hunt doing the quizzes, and selling raffle tickets. 

7th November 2023

Important : Stourbridge Institute Social Club Visitor Rules

The Club Committee are very pleased to see increased numbers of members and visitors coming in and using the club on a regular basis, however this is a reminder off Club Visitor Rules.

  • Members and their nominated partners may bring in as many visitors as they wish, however under club rules, each of those Visitors may only come in the club once in every calendar month, and should be signed in each time in the visitor’s book at the bar.
  • If anyone wishes to visit the club more often than that, they are very welcome to apply to join as a member in their own right.
  • Membership Application forms are available from behind the bar, from the Secretary’s Office every weekday morning or via our membership webpage.
  • Membership of the club entitles people to also include a nominated partner, husband/wife, spouse etc at no extra cost as part of their membership.
  • People attending or assisting with special events or activities within the club are also welcome to use the bar and lounge facilities when those events are on.

Jerry Roper
On behalf of the Committee 

15th October 2023

Masters Senior World Badminton Championships in Jeonju, Korea.

17th September, 2023


Badminton England enjoyed a raft of medals in the majority of age categories.

There were a total of four World titles in the in the 75+ competition top age range as Jenner claimed her second title in the women’s singles whilst Linda Coombes and Jan Hewett took the women’s doubles by storm.

Jan Hewett also walked away with silver alongside Ian Brothers in the mixed doubles.

8th October 2023

Macmillan Cancer Support at
Stourbridge Institute Social Club

Forgot to mention I would like thank everyone who attended and helped make the event so successful. Aldo a big thank you to all the “Macmillan helpers “, namely Pat, Pauline, Lorraine and Maureen who sold ALL the cakes and did the Tombola.
The catering and bar staff worked wonders, and Carl did superbly judging the best tasting cake!!

3rd July 2023

Misuse Of Membership
Car Park Keys

It has come to the attention of the Committee that members are misusing their car park keys by letting non-car park members onto the Stourbridge Institute Social Club car park.

This practice is unfair to paying members and is a practice that must not happen.

Anyone found to be doing this could have their own rights to car park access either suspended or even stopped.

SISC Committee

Stourbridge Institute – Membership Card

Help both yourself and the Club
by making use of your membership cards

Everyone is currently feeling the pinch from the cost of living crisis and looking at ways to save money yet still trying to carry on as normal which is not easy.  The club is no different.  

For example, did you know that for every debit and credit card use there is a fixed rate cost to the club in addition to the % of spend of the transaction? 

The Committee are therefore asking members who regularly purchase minor items of less than £5 to consider topping up their membership cards so that they can then use their membership cards for these smaller purchases or to pay in cash for anything under £5.  

It will also help the member check their debit/credit card spend more easily and will save the club money by only having to pay one fixed amount for the larger initial transaction rather than a lot of smaller transactions. 

Thank you for your help

Founded in 1834, we are one of the oldest private members clubs in the area. Re-inventing ourselves several times over the years, we are now an “Activities” based Social Club, often described as Stourbridge’s hidden gem.

Perusing this website will give you a clear idea of what goes on here and what we have to offer.

In addition, we have various rooms for hire at most competitive rates. A well appointed function room with a stage and a private bar, ideal for various functions, from Christening parties at one end of the scale, to Wakes at the other end, and pretty well everything in between.

We also currently host Weight Watchers, Tai Chi, Chi Baton and meetings in the function room our many other meeting rooms.

On the first floor are our Library and Falcon rooms, available for private hire. The Library is suited for larger meetings, such as the Speakers Club, who currently meet bi-weekly while the latter, being smaller and more intimate, is more suitable for smaller gatherings, for example out of office business meetings, or training sessions.

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