AGM 2021

You have arrived at the page which will show the information spoken about at the recent AGM held on the 13th October 2021.

The various sheets are being prepared and will appear here in the near future.   

Club Report for the year ended 31st December 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We submit herewith the report for the year ended 31st December 2021 combined with the audited statement of accounts.

It is just two years since the first lockdown since when so much has changed for all of us. 
Having got through 2020 in a relatively safe state financially, the Club was closed again for the first 5 months of 2021 after which we managed to remain open for the rest of the year.

We used the close down period to do as much as we could to improve the comfort and safety of the club for our members. The newly installed ventilation system ensures that we meet all existing health and safety requirements and our new kitchen layout was planned professionally and commissioned for installation earlier this year. 

The club invested in the much-needed redecoration of the main snooker room and redecoration of the Function room and lobby area near the Secretaries office.

The club is extremely grateful Key members of Committee and Staff, who were vital in ensuring that the club steered its way through these troubled waters.  

As you are aware, our financial planning has had to take account the impact of increased overheads for gas and electricity as well as increases in the minimum wage and in national insurance contributions. All of which, alongside inflation have meant an increase in club membership fees for 2022. Most of these are outside of our control but we are carrying out a review of the buildings energy infrastructure to see how best to reduce our fuel dependency. 

Looking forward to the current year 2022, our facilities and club sections are continuing to open up, and we have continued carrying out further investments in the club.

Most encouragingly we have seen a very positive response in terms of membership renewals – and to date we have 600 returning members. We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support

You will have seen we have purchased a new EPOS till system, this will enable replace the existing outdated tills, save the £500 per year cost of vouchers, and enable us to provide additional facilities, e.g. discounts and incentives to members when they use the club, we have also upgraded the kitchen ventilation system to make it compliant with new regulations.

As ever we are always open to ideas and feedback from members, on ways to further improve things within the Club, please feel free to approach any member of the committee, or use the suggestion box in the Mixed Lounge, and let’s work together towards the Club’ continued success.

Lastly it’ is really important to continue to recognise and give thanks for all of the work that everyone in the club has done over the past year, this includes all of the Club’s Staff, and also our committeemembers who continue to give up their own time on a voluntary basis to help run this Club.

Summary Of Accounts 2021