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The Social Club has nine full sized Snooker tables, and also has a room set up with two special high quality show tables for Spectator events.

All tables are available for use throughout the day and evenings.

The Social Club has several teams competing in local leagues.

The contact for snooker is Carl Southwick by 01384 373221 or by emailing Carl at

Show Tables

EPSB – English Partnership for Snooker & Billiards – The 147 Club

The 147 Club was launched by the EPSB with the aim of promoting a modern, positive and progressive perception of clubs by improving standards, boosting the junior game and encouraging new players from all backgrounds into the sport.

The Stourbridge Institute Social Club is a Gold Member of the 147 Club and the website can be found by clicking here.

Jack Lisowski
Snooker Exhibition Event.

Jack Lisowski attended the Stourbridge Institute Social club on Friday 12th May to present the annual Stourbridge & District Snooker league awards evening for the 2022-2023 snooker league season. He followed this by playing trophy winners in an exhibition in the match room of the club to an audience of 100 people.

In frame 1, Jack played Steve Mason, who was a member of the Stourbridge Institute F team who won the Premier league title with the team going unbeaten throughout the 22 match season amassing 110 points with the average team score of 4-1 victories each week. Steve recorded the 3rd highest break in the league of 86 behind his team mates Eliott Bastable and Karl Ashmore who both recorded breaks of 95 in the league.
Jack made a good start to the night by beating Steve 97 points to 7 compiling a break of 82 before missing the final yellow.

In frame 2, Jack played Mark Love, who following an absence from Snooker of some 25 years, returned to the game that he was so passionate about in the 1990’s. Playing from Kinver constitutional club, Mark won this year’s premier individuals cup competition, beating the previous 2 years in a row winning over Andy Smith by 4 frames to 1. He also recorded a high break for the season of 70.
It was a close fought frame with Jack coming out on top by 61 points to 47 with Jack recording a 45 break in the process.

In frame 3, Jack played Alex Webb, who plays from Brandhall conservative club who entered a team in the league for the first time this season. The team went on to win the first division title and Alan won the 1st Division single cup competition and was one of three players from the club that won the leagues 3 aside handicap final.
Jack recorded his 3rd win of the night scoring 104 points to 7. He had three breaks of 26, 47 and 23.

In frame 4, Jack played Reece Bahia, who had another successful season in the league playing from his home club Bahia’s snooker club, he won the averages with 19 wins from 22 matches recording a high break of 70 in the process and was also runner up in the Captains cup this year losing in the final 2-1 to Calum downing.
This was Jack’s best frame to date winning 133 to 0 having made the 133 clearance.

In frame 5, Jack played Alan Jeffries who plays in the 2nd division from Amblecote institute, Alan won the over 45’s handicap competition, narrowly edging out Mark Jeffries 3-2 in the final.
Jack won this 117 points to 11 with breaks of 46, 22 and 44 in the process.

In frame 6, Jack played Calum Downing, who plays his snooker in the premier league from Hotshots snooker club in Oldbury. Calum won 17 matches from 20 in the league.  He also won the Captains cup this year beating Reece Bahia in the final by 2 frames to 1, Calum has also recorded the highest break in all competitions this year recording breaks of 108, 104 and 102 in competitions with a high break of 80 in the league.
This was Jack’s only defeat of the night losing out in a tense and tight affair with Calum winning on the black and edging Jack out by 55 points to 50.

In frame 7, Jack played Andy Smith, who plays his snooker from Pockets snooker club, Andy was the winner of this year’s averages, recording 20 wins from 22 matches. He was also was the losing finalist in the premier league singles cup, losing out to Mark Love in the final.
This was Jack’s best performance of the night making a total clearance of 140, winning by 140 points to nil.

Jack then played two raffle winners, coming out on top in both these frames

Firstly he played Tom Gannon in Frame 8 winning 113 points to nil with another total clearance of 113.

Finally, in frame 9, Jack played a member of the Stourbridge Institute Junior Snooker Academy, 11 year old Vladislav Southwick.

Jack beat Vlad by 113 points to 8, compiling a break of 90 along the way. 

All images for the Jack Lizowshi event were reproduced by kind permission of  Andy Gregory Photography  ( )

Judd Trump
Snooker Exhibition Event.

On Friday 27th January 2023, Stourbridge Institute Social Club hosted the new Masters Snooker winner for 2023, Judd Trump. It was an evening where Judd would play some key members of the club. 

Frame 1. The first up would be Justin Donoghue who is the captain of the Clubs Stourbridge & District League B team as well as a member of the A team in the Halesowen & District league. Justin also represents the Stourbridge inter town side that has just reached the quarter finals when they will be playing Shrewsbury away.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 74 points against Justin Donoghue’s, 24 points. Judd had breaks of 37 and 36 points.

Frame 2. Playing the second frame would be Rick Wooldridge who plays for the clubs B team on a Wednesday evening in the Stourbridge & District league and the A team Halesowen & District league on a Thursday evening
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 74 points against Rick Wooldridge’s, 43 points. Judd had a break of 36 and Rick, a break of 25 points.

Frame 3. Ashley Aston is a key member of the clubs ‘F’ team who currently lie top of the premier division with the team being undefeated all season so far. Ashley is also the winner of the recently held Charlie Parker handicap event that took place at the club on the 30th December 2022. Like Justin, Ashley is also a current member of the Stourbridge inter town team.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 82 points against Ashley Aston’s 25 points. Judd had a break of 77.

Frame 4. Ste Sheehan has only recently started playing snooker and is playing his 2nd season of league snooker. Playing for the ‘C’ team in the 2nd division of the Stourbridge & District snooker league.
The referee for the night was Mark Sheehan, Ste’s father and did promise not to give his son an easy time should there be any foul shots.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 78 points against Set Sheehan’s 11 points. Judd had breaks of 49 and 21.

Frame 5. Tom Burgess was so desperate to play Judd that there are rumours that he has mortgaged his house to do so.
Tom is from Wolverhampton and had been having intensive coaching from Carl so to reinforce Carl capability as a coach, he needed Tom to play a good game.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 128 points against Tom’s 6 points. Judd had a break of 107.

Frame 6. Will Gardner is a member of the clubs ‘D’ team who currently lie top of the Stourbridge & District snooker leagues 2nd division.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 120 points against Will Gradner’s 1 point. Judd cleared the table with a break of 120.

Frame 7. Phil Fitzpatrick is a member of the clubs ‘A’ team who currently play in the Stourbridge & District snooker league’s 1st division. Phil is an all-round sports man and, in his day, Phil was quite a good footballer.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 115 points against Phil Fitzpatrick’s 9 points. Judd cleared the table with a break of 108.

Frame 8. Chris Jevon’s is a key member of the clubs ‘F’ team who currently lie top of the Premier Division with  the team being undefeated all season so far. This is Chris’ first season back playing competitive snooker after a few years break and it’s his first season playing at the highest local level available. Chris also plays on a Thursday night in the West Midlands league for Oldbury representing their inter town team.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 69 points against Chris Jevons’ 16 points. Judd achieved a break of 41.

Frame 9. Matt Northover is a key member of the clubs ‘B’ team on a Thursday night in the Halesowen & District 1st division.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 127 points against Matt Northover’s 2 points. Judd achieved breaks of 40 and 44.

Frame 10. A raffle was held for the player of the final frame and it was Stuart Nugas who was fortunate to play against Judd Trump.
The frame was won by Judd Trump with 149 points with Judd achieving a total clearance of the table with 145 points.

The Stourbridge Institute Social Club thanks Judd Trump for the excellent exhibition of snooker, to the event referee, Mark Sheehan and the organiser, Carl Southwick and all the other helper who helped to make the event a success.

All images for the Judd Trump event were reproduced by kind permission of  Andy Gregory Photography  ( )

Exhibition Evening With Stuart Bingham

On Friday 20th May 2022, Stourbridge Institute Social Club hosted the Stourbridge & District snooker league 2021-2022 presentation evening. 
The awards were presented by the 2015 World Snooker Champion Stuart Bingham.

Stuart Bingham who then went on to play a 9 frame exhibition in front of a sell-out 100 audience against selected league players in the clubs match room. 

During the evening Stuart made 6 breaks of over 50 with the highest being the last frame of the evening when he had a break of 99, failing to attain the century when he missed a long blue. 
He won 8 of the nine frames, losing out on achieving the maximum wins when Baggeridge player Luke Whale beat him by clearing up the last 4 colours.


  1. Stuart Bingham 116 (82 Break) – Graham Tranter (Kinver Constitutional club) 7
  1. Stuart Bingham 116 (63 Break) – Ashley Sidaway (Amblecote Institute) 12
  1. Stuart Bingham 109 (94 Break) – Reece Bahia, (Bahia’s snooker club Dudley) 12
  1. Stuart Bingham 111 (64 Break) – Carl Butcher (Amblecote Institute) 20 
  1. Stuart Bingham 86 (50 Break) – John Betton (Pockets Kidderminster) 33
  1. Stuart Bingham 84 (39 & 34 Break) – Frankie Bennett (Baggeridge Social club) 6
  1. Stuart Bingham 35  – Luke Whale (Baggeridge Social club) 63
  1. Stuart Bingham 68 – Andy Smith (Pockets Kidderminster) 41 
  1. Stuart Bingham 123 (99 Break) – Elliot Bastable Police team 8 

All images for the Stuart Bingham event were reproduced by kind permission of  Andy Gregory Photography  ( )

An Evening With John Parrott & Dennis Taylor

On 5th February 2022, Stourbridge Institute Social Club hosted an evening with two former Snooker World Champions, John Parrot and Dennis Taylor.


Saturday evening in February saw two former world champions, Dennis Taylor and John Parrott, visit the club to entertain members and friends of the club with a show of snooker and some entertaining anecdotes. A number of the club members who had achieved notable milestone during the year were pitted against John and Dennis. 

The first frame was between John Parrott and Steve Ballinger. Steve achieved the highest break in the the 2nd division with 40 point and also the most wins being undefeated in 26 matches. He was up against a former formidable opponent in John and while starting off well, John’s many years of experience shone through taking him to a win with 86 points to Steve’s 22 points. 

The second frame had John Parrott and Dennis Taylor against Luke and Matt Whale. Luke is a league double winner with his father but as he was unable to attend his brother, Matt who won the 1st division individual singles final. The frame started with both pairs neck and neck on points but again the experience of John and Dennis took the win in favour of the former World Campions with 54 points to 43 point for Luke and Matt.

Frame three saw Dennis Taylor matched against Adam Kensett who had the highest break in the 1st division with a total of 65 points. Again while Adam gave it his all, the experience of the former world champion was to much for Adam and Dennis won the frame with 58 points against Adams 29 points.

Frame four saw the former World Champions  being paired up with different partners, John with Jamie Schuck who had the most wins in the 1st division with 24 out of 26 possible games. Dennis was paired with Andy Smith who was Premier division individual champion  and joint winner of the Premier  league averages. On paper, this was a difficult result to call but John and Jamie had a convincing score of 82 points winning against Dennis and Adams score of 23 points.

Frame five saw our visitors for the evening, John and Dennis, playing against each other and this turned out to be an even match but John’s competitive nature pulled through and he took the game by 54 points to Dennis getting 44 points. 

The final frame of the evening saw John Parrott being paired with Justin Donoghue and Dennis Taylor being paired with Eliot Bastable. Eliot and Justin were players in the winning Baggeridge team with Justin sharing joint top of the averages while Eliot recorded the highest break in competition of 116 points. In this frame, it was Dennis and Eliot who took top honours accruing 63 points to John and Justin achieving only 51 points.

With the six frames completed, Dennis Taylor demonstrated some trick shots on the snooker table while both John and Dennis entertained us with stories from their past. 

The evening was a brilliant show of snooker between the two former World Champions and some very good Stourbridge Institute members. It demonstrated that John Taylor and Dennis Taylor are still very good players even though they have not played professionally since 2010 and 2000 respectively. 

Thank you to all who attended this excellent evening with these two former World Champions but special thanks must also go to John Parrott and Dennis Taylor, the referee, Stuart Barker, who had the difficult job of keeping John and Dennis under control. Thanks also to Carl Southwick and Mark Sheehan for organising the evening.

It is good the see that Dennis Taylor continues to take things seriously when playing snooker.

All images for the John Parrott & Dennis Taylor event were reproduced by kind permission of  Andy Gregory Photography  ( )