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Notice to all Members of an Extraordinary General Meeting


As many of you know we were unable to hold an Annual General Meeting earlier this year due to the Government restrictions around Covid19 with lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings of people.


We think it’s important however that all Members have the chance to review the Institute’s progress and receive an update on our club's current position. So, to this end we held a ‘virtual’ Extraordinary General Meeting in the form of a Webinar on Zoom at 7:00pm on the 30th November 2020. 


The Clubs 2019 Financial accounts that were prepared for the March 2020 AGM, have been signed off by our Accountants Folkes Worton and are available to view below on this AGM page.


The Webinar Agenda


       acceptance of 2019 vouchers will be extended. Answer: Yes in view of current lockdown the Committee are looking 
      at extending accepting 2019 vouchers until 4 weeks after lockdown is lifted.

Regards Jerry Roper Chairman SISC (A Recording of the EGM 2020 Meeting has been uploaded to our Facebook

page, a link to this is at the top of the club web site Home page.)

 AGM 2020 Information